‘Lakshmikant Berde Special’ Week, A Tribute To Lakshya !

'Lakshmikant Berde Special' Week, A Tribute To Lakshya

Acting was his passion and he is still alive in his audience because of his acting and his way of entertaining, he is none other than Laxmikant Berde and Lakshya for his all Maharashtrian fans. Lakshya was passionate about acting since his childhood and he took it as his career path and keep entertaining the audiences and gain a name in film Industry. He also knows as ”Hasyasamrat” in entertainment industry. To give tribute to such legend and to light up the memories of such great actor of 90s who have done more than 200 films, Sony Marathi channel decided to celebrate ‘Lakshmikant Berde Special” week. This week will be the most entertaining week for the audience. In this week from 22nd to 27th Oct, Sony Marathi Channel is telecasting Lakshya’s famous films such as ‘Ekapeksha Ek’, ‘Chikat Navra’, ‘Rang Premacha’, ‘Lapva Chhapavi’, ‘Eja Bija Tija’ and ‘Bajrangachi Kamal’.

Lakshmikant Berde created a unique and healthy relation with his audience by acting in Marathi films along with Marathi Dramas and Hindi films. Many of his fans and friends from industry feels that if Lakshya was in the industry today then he must have entertained audience with same or rather with more energy. Making comedy scenes and make people laugh is not an easy task but it was never so hard for Lakshya. He used to play every character so smoothly but same time so effectively. It was his special caliber that is why he became ‘Hasyasamrat’ for his loving fans.

Lakhya’s fans gets emotional with his absence and feels sad but as he always worked to give smiles to his audience they laugh and give their unique tribute to this legend. So dont forget to watch and enjoy his films on Sony Marathi channel from 22nd to 27th Oct at 3.00PM.