Reverb Productions Announced the New Web Series ‘Gharkool’


The series features veteran TV artist, anchor and writer, Manasi Magikar. Produced by Mimo Productions. There are a total of 20 episodes in this series and a new episode will be published every day. Maharashtra has given us supreme literary legends like Sant Dyaneshwar, Kusumagraj, Bahinabai, Sant Tukdoji Maharaj, G. V. Behere, G. D. Madgulkar, Vitthal Wagh, Dr. Anand Yadav, Madhav Julian, Shantabai Shelke, Acharya Atre, B.B. Borkar, P. Sawalaram, Ravindra Bhat, Vimal Limaye, Sudhir Moghe just to name a few.

Their work has enriched our culture superlatively. These works have been passed down from generation to generation thus preserving the richness of our culture through the centuries. In this Internet age where reading books has become nearly extinct, the onus is on presenting these great literatures in the form accepted and appreciated by the current generation.

Reverb Katta is the only YouTube channel that has recognized this need of the hour and has produced high quality Marathi content like Night Out, Moving Out, Twist Eat and Antarnaad. Reverb Katta has taken a small step in this direction by presenting #Gharkool, a web series where in every episode Manasi Magikar narrates work from one of the legendary writers. The theme of this series centers around home. Each episode brings to fore a different perspective about “home”. The series has been conceptualized by Manasi herself and produced by Mimo Productions, Pune. This is one web series worth watching. And more importantly, encourage your children to also watch.