The Teaser Launch of Love Couple Tale Film ‘Gat – Mat’ Reconciles Lovers!


In lovers there is an absence of expression of love for each other and the first one to express it is always a matter of debate. This leaves questions in lovers and leaves a trace of ‘Gat-Mat’. Before a love story fructifies it also has one the first to express love for the other. For such unexpressed lovers comes the film ‘Gatmat’ this organisation which releases on 16 November to serve lovers in need of expression. The big screen film recently launched its teaser on social networking sites. Produced by Avdhoot Gupte annd Yash Raj Films , the teaser is a big attraction for the youth. The film directed by Nishith Shrivastava explores the colorful college life and the various situations that happen in college campuses. Rangya and Balyaa, these two young men are the exponents of ‘Gat – Mat‘ and for those young men who come from small towns and villages and indulge in ‘Gatmat’ is going to be the USP of the film.

GAT-MAT Rasika Sunil

The teaser shows its cast comprising of Rasika Sunil, Akshay Tanksale, and the fresh pair of Nikhil Vairangar with his co-star Pournima De. The film comprises of friendship, love and romance with its ‘Gatmat’ is bewitching the young brigade. The producer is Rajendra Shrivastavaa bringing this treat for young and the old audiences all over Maharashtra.