Maaza Agadbam Najuka’s ‘Atak Matak’ Song Released !


Every one of us might have played the game of ‘Atak Matak…‘ in our childhood. This indoor game created dhamal enjoyment and stomach paining laughter. The words of which are ready to fantasize all of in its new avatar. Jayantilal Gada of ‘PEN India Limited’ company and Trupti Bhoir Films presentation ‘Maaza Agadbam‘ has launched its ‘Atak Matak’ song recently. This song is full of entertainment for its audiences. This comic song is based on the lead character of Najuka from ‘Maaza Agadbam’ which was recently released on social networking sites.

Subodh Bhave and Trupti Bhoir

This dhamal song which will energize the audience to tap their feet to its lyrics is blessed with the strong voice of Anand Shinde. Lyrics of ‘Atak Matak’ are written by Mandar Cholkar and T. Satish Chakrawarty has composed it with his beautiful music. Audiences are enjoying the varied activities of Najuka through this song ‘Atak Matak’. Trupti Bhoir and Subodh Bhave are in the lead of ‘Maaza Agadbam’. And the film will be released on coming 26th October. Direction and screenplay for the movie ‘Majha Agadbam’, which is a sequel to ‘Agadbam’, has been done by Trupti Bhoir herself. Along with T. Satish Chakrawarty, Dhawal Jayantilal Gada and Akshay Jayantilal Gada, she has also taken the responsibility as a producer too. Apart from this, Reshma Kadakiya, Kushal Kantilal Gada and Neeraj Gaala have managed the responsibility as co-producers.

So, enjoy the childhood memories of ‘Atak Matak’ in its new avatar and do watch ‘Maaza Agadbam’, releasing coming 26th October.