The Poster of Shitali And Sonia’s ‘Youth Tube’ Movie Released !

The Poster of Shitali And Sonia's 'Youth Tube' Movie Released !

The actress known for ‘Lakhat Ek Majha Fauji’ which reached many a household as Sheetal namely Shivani Baokar and the actress from the popular TV Show ‘Tula Pahate Re’ namely Poornima Dey  who achieved popularity in a short span of time is now ‘Sonia’ in the forthcoming film ‘Youthtube’ produced by Miracles Entertainment and we will get to see the friendship between Sheetal and Sonia in this film which releases on 1stFebruary.

Recently poster of the film has been released on social medias, and this poster getting much viral across the social medias. The film deals with the explosion of social network amongst the youth especially and how the dialogue between people is diminishing. This film features seven youngsters in a college and the film has been produced by Pramod Prabhulkar and around 300 fresh faces from the Miracle Acting Academy run by Pramod and his wife Madhurani Prabhulkar will feature in this film.

Shitali and Sonia For Youthtube movie

Shivani and Poornima too are students of this acting academy. This Miracles Films Production and Pramod Prabhulkar written and directed film titled ‘Youthtube’ has associate producer in Mayurpankh Media and Infra Associates with Sanjeev Pethkar and Dr.Shashank Bhalkar , Avinash Kulkarni, Rajni Prabhumirashi, Dr,Falguni Jape, Aruna Jape, Sudhir Kannure, Prashant Lal, Ahmed Shaikh, Swati Shevle, Girish Nayar, Vaishali Kasare, Aniket Kulkarni, Vivek Bavdhane, Dr.Sandeep Kulkarni, Sagar Poojari, Vaishali Devkar, Sukhad Borkar, Sonali Lonkar, Shrihari Panchvadkar, and on behalf of M/S BNR are Bhalchandra Bobde, Pravin Neve, and Gajanan Rahate. The DOP is Sachin Gandakush and the editor is Pramod Kahar. The art direction is by Sanjay Kandekar, and the make up is by Saurabh Kapde while the costumes are by Madhurani Prabhulkar. The music and background music is by Pankaj Padgham. The lyrics are by Madhurani Prabhulkar, Sayali Kedar, Shilpa Deshpande and have been sung by Sayali Pankaj, Shikha Jain, Aarya Ambekar and Sagar Phadke.  

The movie is releasing on 01 February 2018 all over Maharashtra.