The Real Support in Anandibai’s Life is Gopal Joshi – Teaser Anandi Gopal

The Real Support in Anandibai's Life is Gopal Joshi - Teaser Anandi Gopal

The story of the first lady doctor in India Anandibai Joshi will be chronicled soon in a film to be released soon. They say that behind every successful man is the strength of a woman but this idiom is not always correct as even behind the success of a woman is the hand of many a male hand who help the woman to go ahead in life.  One such instance will be seen in the forthcoming film ‘ Anandi Gopal’ whose teaser was released recently. The bio-pic on Anandibai  features the support of Gopalrao Joshi in Anandibai’s life who helped her to achieve her goals and in this bio-pic Lalit Prabhakar essays the role of Gopalrao Joshi.

Anandibai’s marriage was held when she was ten years old with Gopalrao Joshi but Gopalrao reiterated that he will continue with the studies of Anandibai and Gopalrao helped Anandibai to achieve her ambition of becoming a doctor and he was like a Rock of Gibraltar in Anandibai’s life. The name of the leading lady who will play Anandibai in her bio-pic is still  under wraps. The film releases on 15February 2019. 

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