‘Shivya’ Will Hit Cinema Halls From 21st April

'Shivya' Will Hit Cinema Halls From 21st April

‘Ti Dete, To Deto, Te Detat, Saglech Detat, Shivya’ in Cinema Halls from 21st April.

Bhushan Pradhan and Sanskruti Balgude in lead roles!!
Sometimes in anger, sometimes in joy everyone abuses. Abuses are a part of  our daily conversation. Abuses are a part of our language. Taking this into consideration ‘Ti Dete, To Deto, Te Detat, Saglech Detat, Shivya’ movie was made and it’ll be coming on 21st April in your nearest movie theatres.

In a person’s life who keeps swearing a lot something such happens that he is unable to swear the next day. Then what happens to him in such condition is projected in this movie. Sakar Raut and Nilesh Jhope have done the story writing. Sakar Raut has also directed the movie. With help of Sara Motion Pictures, Golden Petals films, Karma films and Rangmanch Entertainment, Dhwani Sakar Raut, Nilesh Zhope, Mihir Karkare and Akshay Palekar have done the production of the movie. The movie comprises of Bhushan Pradhan , Sanskruti Balgude, Vidyadhar Joshi, Uday Sabnis, Piyush Ranade and Shubhangi Latekar as it’s star cast.

When asked about the movie, director Sakar Raut said,  “We use abusive language very often while conversing. At that time we don’t care about who surrounds us. Abuses are a part of everyday life. We have tried to put forth swearing with a different point of view in this movie. The audience will definitely love this movie”.