Star Pravah’s ‘Prema Tujha Rang Kasa’ To Present the Darker Side of Love!

Star Pravah’s ‘ Prema Tujha Rang Kasa ’ To Present the Darker Side of Love!

Prema Tujha Rang Kasa (प्रेमा तुझा रंग कसा ) | Star Pravah Serial

  • Starcast – Coming Soon
  • Studio –  Faith Incorporate Movies
  • Director –  Piyush Velankiwar
  • Producer – Rahul Kapoor, Roshan Kanal, Kunal Kapoor
  • Story,Screenplay –  Priyanka Ghatak
  • Assistant Director – Rahul Khandekar
  • Creative Head –  Rahul Kapoor, Roshan Kanal
  • Creative Director – Archana Aarya
  • Sub Creative Head –  Aishwarya Ajinkya
  • Sound Recording –  NA
  • Production Team –  Ramesh Varma, Chandan Sapkale, Deval, Rajesh, Irfan
  • Dialogues –  Ninad Mahajani
  • Cinematography –  Karan Singh Soud
  • Executive Producer  –  Anjali Modi
  • Editor –  Sandeep Ambekar, Vishal Mhatre
  • Online Editor –  Vikrant Ramashray Singh
  • Project Head – Kunal Kapoor
  • Lyrics – NA
  • Music –  NA
  • Post Production – Santosh Pandit Nichhal
  • Background Score –  NA
  • Background Music –  Sadanand Ghanshyam Mayekar
  • Title Track Singer –  NA
  • Set Designer –  NA
  • Art Direction –  Tejasjri Kapane
  • Sound – NA
  • Choreography – NA
  • Costumes – Archana, Kunal, Aishwarya, Anjali, Deval
  • Make up – NA
  • Executive Producer  –  Ninad Sonawane, Salil Doifode, Sheetal Kolvalkar Khan. (Star Pravah)
  • Channel – Star Pravah
  • Starting Date and Timing – 16 July 2018 at 10:00PM

About Serial –

Star Pravah is known for creating innovative content for the audiences. Over the years they have made conventional daily soap serials as well as unique anthology serials. Their newest anthology serial is all set to redefine how ‘romance’ related stories are viewed on Marathi television.

‘Prema Tujha Rang Kasa’ is the new anthology serial were many stories will be told which are connected to love & are based on true events. However the first promo of the serial suggests that these stories will present the darker side of the love. More than love we could say these stories would be about unjust obsessions. (Also Read About – Chatriwali – An Upcoming Marathi Serial on Star Pravah !)

Till today, many movies and literature have portrayed love which have shown it as an emotional and gudi-gudi factor. But in reality, love has a dark side too which often lives in the dark. Star Pravah is going to put forth this dark side of love in front of the audience. For the first time in the history of Marathi television, Star Pravah will showcase ‘Prema Tujha Rang Kasa‘ based on true criminal love story’s. The series starts from 16th July at 10:00 pm. Actor Gashmir Mahajani is debuting on small screen with this new series.
Prema Tujha Rang Kasa Gashmir Mahajani
Star Pravah has always thought out of the box. Different themes, different layouts and new artists have been brought in front of the audience from their shows. That’s why Star Pravah has independent identity in the field of Marathi entertainment. This image will be kept intact by new series ‘Prema Tujha Rang Kasa’. Such love stories, inspired by true stories, crimes in it and it’s investigations will be shown in this series. Although there have been many programs on television based on the the investigation of crime but Star Pravah will make it’s first attempt to make a series based on love related crimes. That is why this series has a different significance.
Speaking about this new show, Shravani Devdhar, the program head said, “After the over-whelming response to the ‘Lakshya’ and ‘Panchnama’ programs, we have made a special relationship with the audience. With respect to this relationship, we are intending of reaching the next step. We are sure that this ‘Prema Tujha Rang Kasa’ program will reach that step.
Gashmir Majani has created his identity as an actor. Good physique, rough and tough looks and steady voice are his special features. Gashmir is debuting on small screen with this series. He will be anchoring this series. The drama in the stories of this series will open up more with his special skills. According to Gashmir Mahajani, ‘I understand my duty as a sentimental person and an actor, and I would like to present my opinion about things happening around. I always communicate with my family and my friends about all the good-bad events. ‘Prema Tujha Rang Kasa’ will help me to have an open conversation with the audience.’.
Watch the new series, ‘Prema Tujha Rang Kasa’, which will be show dark side of love for the first time on Marathi television from Monday to Saturday at 10:00 pm on Star Pravah !

Just like in the first promo we see a teacher who is obsessed with his student. Such things do happen in society & now ‘Prema Tujha Rang Kasa’ might help us become aware about it! This serial will begin it’s telecast from 16th July at 10 pm only on Star Pravah.

Prema Tuza Rang Kasa Star Pravah Serial Promo –

प्रेमा तुझा रंग कसा

प्रेमा तुझा रंग कसा १६ जुलैपासून रात्री १० वाजता Star प्रवाह वर.#PremaTuzaRangKasa #16July #PTRK #StarPravah

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