Interview : Boyz 2 Movie’s Pratik Lad –Tomorrow’s Star !

Interview : Boyz 2 Movie's Pratik Lad –Tomorrow’s Star !

How different was it shooting BOYZ-2 from BOYZ?

The team was the same and it was like a homecoming for all of us. We were all happy to meet one another and the work got over without any hassles.

How was it like shooting for the film?

It was great and just like shooting in a real college campus and we really enjoyed during the shoot.

How was it like shooting the film?

The director Vishal sir made us really comfortable and Sumant Shinde and Parth Bhalerao are good friends of mine, so we enjoyed the shoot.

What do you think is the USP of the film?

The music by Avdhoot Gupte and the writing by Hrishikesh Koli and the theme of the film and of course the direction by Vishal Devrukhkar.

Will you continue acting in films?

Yes. But I will continue with my studies.