Interview : Parth Bhalerao Grows up!

Interview For Boyz 2 Marathi Film : Parth Bhalerao Grows up!

You were a child actor and now you are grown up. Your views.

Yes. I am happy to be recognized as a leading man material because many child actors fall by the way when they grow up but I am happy that the film industry is still offering me work and I am satisfied with what I have achieved. My peers and my parents and relatives and friends are all proud of me.

How was the experience of shooting ‘Boyz-2’?

Most of the team was from the first part and we gelled together while shooting for the film including the director Vishal Devrukhkar and my fellow mates Pratik Lad and Sumant Shinde. It has 3 leading men, 3 leading ladies and 2 villains.

What is your character like in BOYZ-2?

It’s similar to BOYZ and is called Dhungyaa who is a village boy who is admitted to a public shool and does his SSC from there and the Part 2 shows them in the 12 Th standard and so that difference has to be shown in the film.

Would you like to continue with your studies?

Yes. I am doing my SYBA but still keen on acting and doing theater as well.