Ten Interesting Border Designs You Can Use on a Saree !

Ten Interesting Border Designs You Can Use on a Saree !

It is not surprising that the saree continues to reinvent itself as time goes by. The fabric has existed for centuries, yet continues its existence remaining as elegant as ever – making it suitable for the everyday modern woman as well.

The saree of today is not just another fashion outfit, but has also become a symbol on its own; it even stands out from the usual fashion clutter. While the material of the fabric and the patterns play an important role, what is even more important is the border of the saree – even if you may not think much about it.

If you have ever worn a saree, you will notice that without the border, the pallu will look strangely disconnected from the rest of the saree. If the pallu is different in its design, then the border becomes a link between the body and the pallu, and allows much of the creativity in sarees to shine through. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that the border makes a major difference to your overall look.

If you need some ideas on improving your look, here are some interesting designs you can look out for, as they will help you make a bold style impression.


You will be hard pressed to find a saree border that does not have any flower designs. Regardless of the region the saree comes from, floral motifs and flowers on the border are very common while still remaining a classic feature.

The fashion scene in recent years has been dominated by floral borders, so it was only a matter of time before they began to appear on sarees. This includes plain sarees that have light floral embroidery or booties, which are amazing for you if you have a classic style. They are also very versatile, as you can wear them on multiple occasions.

Velvet borders

Velvet borders




This is among the trickiest ones on the list to pull off, as it does not work well with every saree. However, that has not stopped its popularity, as it has become one of the most popular border styles recently.

Even though draping your saree that has a great velvet border will make you look stunning, it is even more important to keep the occasion in mind when selecting it. for instance, it will work for a wedding or a party that is full of high-profile personalities or business, since it will get all the attention on you. However, if you are on the plump side of the body scale, avoid gaudy or broad velvet borders, because they will overwhelm your look and make you seem bigger than you are.

Mirror work

                                     Mirror work


This look is amazing on plain sarees, as it makes them stand out without becoming too overwhelming from a visual standpoint. It has become so popular and is increasingly difficult to ignore, and works well for multiple occasions.

If you are a woman with a flashy style sense, you can select a saree with multiple thin mirror lines, while understated styles look good when you pair the mirror work with light embroidery. In any case, it still looks elegant no matter what you select.

Scallop borders

These look the best on any net saree, and are perfect for weddings as they can make anyone look very beautiful. They are also embellished with mirrors, very detailed butta work, or beads; when you pair the saree with a deep back blouse, it even gives a more elegant take on the look and major fashion scores.

Gota Patti



These patterns are the trademark of Rajasthan and have a regal air about them because of their intricacy. The scale of work that is needed to create the designs is painstaking, but the result is always one to show off during traditional ceremonies and other grand-scale occasions.

In addition, they have great versatility as they look good on any colour of the saree, and you will also notice embellishments of gold, copper or silver gota, as well as stone work.

Temple borders

 Along with floral designs, the temple border design never seems to go out of style, and is a great choice for a cotton or silk saree such as Kanjivaram or Banarasi. It also goes well with every personality as it is woven using rich zari on a background of bright colours, making it a versatile option for every occasion.

Borders of multiple colours

This is a unique take on the border and makes you stand out immediately, as your saree does not have one border alone, but several thin ones all in different colours. The trick here is selection of the colours – they need to work well together, while still standing out on their own. For instance, choosing golden stripes with peach and yellow, which makes them distinct yet not clash with each other.

Checked borders

This is among the simplest border designs you can pick, but still retains an air of sophistication and class. It even makes these sarees perfect for office wear when you want to dress in anything other than a suit, and you can spice up the look with a designer blouse if you are heading out for a cocktail.

Contrast borders

                               Contrast borders            

These will work well if you are looking for a saree with minimal style contrasts yet want to stay as elegant as possible. These borders also work very well with a silk, cotton and net saree, and make a bold statement for women in leadership positions that want to show aspects of their culture.

Very similar to the real thing

These borders have an antique quality to them, similar to the temple borders. In fact, some of them are actually revisited designs from sarees that were made several centuries ago, when parrots and kalash were seen as auspicious symbols. There are only a few ones made today, but if you have one, it makes you stand out immediately.


Final thoughts

Selecting a great saree border is important in helping you maintain a sense of style, and you are free to do as simple as you want or go the complex route. Whatever it is, you are always assured of looking elegant.