Freshers Make Fresh Resolutions For 2017

Freshers Make Fresh Resolutions For 2017

Freshers Make Fresh Resolutions For 2017

‘Freshers’ is one such popular television serial which makes all of us relish the memories of our college lives and cherish those days. We all can connect to each and every character from the serial. Let’s have a look at what resolutions these freshers make for 2017.

Mitali Mayekar– From my recent experiences, I have decided that I won’t judge anybody quickly until I come across any personal experience with that particular person.

Shubhankar Tawde – We usual party or celebrate our festivals and public holidays with loud music which we enjoy to the core. But our enjoyment turns into a problem for the people who aren’t a part of it. So along with preventing us from the ever growing Air Pollution I decide that my New Year Resolution is to stop Sound pollution as well and maintain a healthy environment for all of us. Go Green

Amruta Deshmukh – Well my resolution is to read more and more books. Because of this busy schedule reading books has gone back seat. So I’m thinking of taking some time out for the same.

Rashmi Anpat- Nowadays we ignore our health due to the unhealthy lifestyle we live but my resolution this year is to eat fresh and healthy food. At least follow one kind of exercise regularly and meditate. So basically find time for myself which we forget due to our busy schedule.

Onkar Raut – Very importantly I have 2 things which I’m going to follow in 2017 are to stop biting my nails and to be very punctual because punctuality is important than anything. And I’m planning to write more in 2017 and at least plant one plant every one month or two months.

Rasika Vengurlekar – My new year Resolution is take out time from my busy schedule to keep up with my hobbies. It can be Reading books, writing. Even I want to complete my BharatnatyamAranagetram and learn Urdu language.

Siddharth Khirid- The hectic schedule at work is adding more stress and taking away the smaller moments of joy, hence this New Year would want to be more youthful, more active and enjoy every moment of life.