Ganesh Acharya’s ‘Gajanana’ Song With More Than 1000 Actors For … Bhikari !

Gajanana Song From Swami tinhi Jagacha Bhikari

Ganesh Acharya’s Gajanana Song With More Than 1000 Actors For …  Swami Tinhi Jagacha… Bhikari

The man is known for his grand film sets and choreography. And now he is making his directorial debut with Marathi film ‘Swami Tinhi Jagacha… Bhikari‘.

Choreographer Ganesh Acharya, who is known for his ‘Malhari’ in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and ‘Chikni Chameli’ in ‘Agnipath’, in his new avatar as a director has recently concluded filming of a super song, which is filmed on one thousand dancers, no less.

The song titled ‘Gajanana’ can surely match the grandeur of any big budget Bollywood film set, according to people who are part of this film. For this reason alone, ‘Gajanana’ will soon become a super song ever filmed for a Marathi film.

Along with direction Acharya is also trying his hand as a producer along with Me Maratha Entertainment’s Sharad Devram Shelar and the film has been in the news ever since superstar Amitabh Bachchan and Tiger Shroff were present for the film’s Muhurat clap.

The song’s picturisation was concluded recently at Filmcity studio in Mumbai’s Goregaon suburb.

Swwapnil Joshi, Rucha Inamdar, Guru Thakur and Kirti Adarkar just finished filming for Deva Ho Deva, second of the six songs in the film including ‘Gajanana’.

Sukhwinder Singh has given his voice for Deva Ho Deva and the music for this song is set by Milind Wankhede and Vishal Mishra.

Shooting Moments –

Interestingly, since Acharya is helming ‘Swami Tinhi Jagacha… Bhikari’ as a director, the choreography honors are done by Rahul Thombre and Sanjeev Hovaldar.

Nevertheless, Acharya, who like the legendary director Subhash Ghai, and Nagraj Manjule in recent times, too has a penchant for making an appearance in film which he choreographs, will be seen dancing in Deva Ho Deva, which was shot over three days.

Keeping up with his grand sets, for Gajanana song, Acharya has created a 40 feet set on which will be sitting a 35-foot high Ganesha idol. Almost 250 temple bells too have been used in this song and we are sure the song will be all the rage during the forthcoming Ganesh festival in Maharashtra.

Given the film’s production values, MegaMarathi.Com can bet that ‘Swami Tinhi Jagacha… Bhikari’ will emerge as the most popular big budget Marathi film of 2017.