‘Shubh Lagna Savaadhaan’ Trailer Launch Ceremony Held in Auspicious Way !


Wedding ceremony is a big festive event in India. It is celebrated by every person associated with it. But when you make a movie about the wedding it is celebrated by every viewer. Well the trailer release of the movie will be no exception. Hence Nakshatra Mall, Dadar Mumbai; was chosen for this event. And everyone who attended the event was treated like a family guest for the wedding.

Shruti Marathe and Subodh Bhave Shubh Lagn Saavadhaan

On October 12th Marathi movie, ‘ Shubh Lagn Saavadhaan ’ will be released. Pallavi Joshi Produced and Sameer Ramesh Surve Directed this movie is bringing family drama at its pick time i.e. wedding time. In the movie trailer we get to see Subodh Bhave and Shruti Marathe in lead roles and Dr Girish Oak, Nirmiti Sawant, Vidyadhar Joshi, Kishori Ambiye, Kishor Pradhan, Pratik Deshmukh, Ravati Limaye, Satish Salagare, Prachi Nil; are long line of actors, who are making this wedding drama a family drama. We also get to see a catholic style wedding in the beginning of the trailer and running away from the wedding lead actor and his interpretation about love is shown in the trailer. Well it look like a family drama which revolves around the wedding and its issues which will sure entertain its waiting viewers.

Shruti Marathe
Shruti Marathe

This movie is produced by Trupti Puranik and Studio Alignment, Abhay Shevde is as an executive producer. Co producers are Dhura Arundhati Date, Shrinivas Jambhekar, Vidhya Sandip Tungare and Tushar Karnik. On auspicious occasion of ‘Navratri’, ‘ Shubh Lagn Saavadhaan’, is releasing & inviting audience in Maharashtra for the wedding drama to watch in theaters near you.