‘Party’ Marathi Movie Official Trailer Launched !


We come across many people who say they are ready to do anything for their friendship. They forget all these oaths and promises when they get into a job or a business. While pursuing their dreams and career, this friendship trails through the memories or remain captured in photo frames. The movie ‘Party’, which is planned to release in the theaters soon, will encourage all these friends to come together. Recently, trailer of ‘Party’ was launched in Lower Parel. ‘Party’ is directed by Sachin Darekar. Creating a dhammal party mood, the complete cast and crew showed their presence for the trailer launch.

The ‘Party’ trailer which created friendship hang-over within many of us, is a story of four fun-loving friends and their love stories. Survat Joshi, Akshay Tanksale, Stavan Shinde and Rohit Haldikar are seen in the lead roles. Along with this, the movie reveals the tragedy of these separated friends. We will also witness the two cute and beautiful faces, Prajakta Mali and Manjiri Pupala. ‘घराचा व गाडीचा हफ्ता भरताना मैत्रीचादेखील हफ्ता भरायचा असतो, हे विसरून जातो आपण‘, small but full of meaning, this dialogue makes the audience slight emotional.

Party Movie Trailer –

This movie trailer reminds us all, of the forgotten friends in the glimpse of life and in its dreams. This movie will definitely make the audience laugh with it’s comic servings. This ‘Party‘ will bring the complete entertainment package to it’s audience with a mixed feelings of laughter and tears. Recently, Dark Horse Productions have given a super-hit ‘Bucket List’, starring Madhuri Dixit. Now, they will be presenting ‘Party’ to the audience in association with Navavidha Productions. This movie has planned it’s release on 7th September all over Maharashtra to strengthen the relationship between friends.

Prajakta Mali
Prajakta Mali

So, go and watch the movie in the theaters near you from 7th September, to re-create the friendship bonds among the friends, lost in the race of pursuing our career and dreams.