Swwapnil Joshi is Shouting Aloud ‘Sachin’!

Swwapnil Joshi is Shouting Aloud ‘Sachin’!

‘Mee Pan Sachin’ is a film that is going to be released on February 1 starring Swwapnil Joshi in the pivotal role. The film features Swapnil as a young ambitious youth named Sachin Patil. The song from the film, a boisterous one named ‘Aayla Aayla Sachin Aayla’ was released recently. The film has been picturized in a village market. The film features Swapnil Joshi and Priyadarshan Jadhav singing and dancing in an infectious manner in the hustle bustle of the market and Swapnil is seen mouthing the song ‘Sachin Aylaa Aylaa Re’.

The film features the small and big shopkeepers, the band players, the local vasudevas, and local children  in a happy setting. There is also a poster of Swapnil featured in this song. There are a lot of drums, cymbals, and small flags featured in this song. The writer director of the film Shreyas Jadhav says, “ Since the film features Sachin, Sachin in the lyrics we got a lot of inherent energy while shooting the film. Sachin is the Master Blaster and the greatest batsman who played the game of cricket. He has fans all over the world and they will always remain so and we are playing a tribute to the great batsman on behalf of his countless fans.  

Me Pan Sachin Song Shoot

Swapnil Joshi says, “The film is not only based on cricket but also life in general which can be the two sides of a coin. The song ‘Sachin Aaylaa Aaylaa  Re has been composed by Harshvardhan Vavre, Karan  Vavre, Aditya Patekar aka Trinity Brothers and the song has been choreographed by Sujit Kumar.

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The film produced by Eros International and  Sanjay Chhabria of Everest Entertainment and Ganraj Associates will release on February 1 and will mark the debut of director Shreyas Jadhav. He has written the film too and he has handled various genres of films successfully earlier. So we can expect something interesting and different in this film without any doubt. The films will be released internationally in Overseas Market by Eros International.