Mithun Review: Personal Rivalry with Political Support and Fast pace un-expected end

Mithun Marathi Movie Review

Movie – Mithun (2018) Review 

  • Star Cast –
    • Vishal Nikam (Mithun)
    • Amruta Dhongade (Kanchi)
    • Rohit Awale (Yuvraj)
    • Mahesh Ghag (Jaggu)
    • Jaywant Wadkar (Bappu)
    • Shravani Solaskar (Deepa)
    • Sanjay Khapre (Bhau)
    • Anil Nagarkar (Inspector Wagh)
  • Director – Prakash Janardan Pawar
  • Producer – Vilas Meher, Jeevan Jadhav, Chetan Gade, Jitesh More, Prakash Janardan Pawar
  • Studio –  MV Production & Gulab Productions
  • Story & Director – Prakash Janardan Pawar
  • Associate Director – Aamira Isak Shaikh
  • Music – Ajay Jadhav and Digvijay Joshi
  • Genre – Drama
  • Release Date – 13th July 2018

Rating – 3.5/5

Review –

The movie explored the teenage love story of a school going boy and a girl. The movie did not make an impact on the box-office as expected but was a beautiful film. Now, Prakash is again ready with a new movie ‘Mithun’ releasing today, 13th July 2018. Vishal Nikam, Amruta Dhongade and senior actor Jaywant Wadkar would be seen in lead roles along with Rohit Awale, Sanjay Khapre and Anil Nagarkar.

Recently, premiere of ‘Mithun’ was planned one day before it’s release at City Pride Multiplex, Kothrud, Pune. Premiere show was houseful and almost all the star cast except Sanjay Khapre, attended the premiere. Director, producers, music directors, background artists were all ready to promote the movie.

We would be seeing new faces in the leads. Vishal Nikam as ‘Mithun’, Amruta Dhongade as ‘Kanchi’ and Rohit Awale as ‘Yuvraj’. Being new to the industry and ‘Mithun’ being their debut film, they have tried hard to give their best performances. We would also be seeing senior actors from Marathi film industry like Jaywant Wadkar (Bappu) as Mithun’s father, Sanjay Khapre (Bhau) as a politician supporting Rohit Awale (Yuraj) and Anil Nagarkar as ‘Inspector Wagh’. Beautiful music by Ajay Jadhav, Digvijay Joshi and background score by Akshay Gurav will keep the audience intact to their seats through out the film.

Movie starts with an introductory song for our hero. Music allows us to tap our feet. Director introduces our heroine. She looks beautiful in Marathi costume playing energetic dhol. Both these actors know each other from their childhood. Have love feeling for each other but unaware and carefree for their feelings. Their friend ‘Deepa’ helps them to realize what they feel for each other. ‘Yuvraj’, surrounded by boasting friends, who tries to make him feel like he is a leader and should build his political career with the help of ‘Bhau’. Complete story revolves round the villages in Satara district. ‘Mithun‘ is a mix of love story, rural personal rivalry within two groups hand-shaked by political support.

As the movie is named ‘Mithun’, story revolves around our hero and the plots in which he is caught. Love story shown in the film doesn’t have much hurdles as you would see but more or less it effects the personal rivalry between Mithun and Yuvraj. Glamorous looks of these fresh three leads creates slight confusion as the complete plot is with a rural background. Cinematography is good. First half of the film is slow depicting love story of Mithun and Kanchi and creation of plot for rivalry with Yuvraj. In the second half of the film, director rushes slightly and tries to wind-up the story with the rivalry within the two and tries to add up some tragic moments. Nearing towards the end of the film, audience would expect some miracles to happen as the director clears the suspense around 10 mins. before the film ends. It would be slightly difficult for the audience to digest the end. End would make the audience feel sad. Movie reminds us of the blockbuster ‘Sairat’ but cannot be compared with it. Few comic moments in the film would make us laugh but then they are very few.

People who love Marathi should go and watch the movie to appreciate and applaud the efforts taken by the all the team members in the journey of converting the concept into a movie and presenting in front of the audience. After the premiere show, all team members were in tears along with the Director Prakash who was explaining the efforts taken by everyone and support given by all in the making this dream come true. Two other Marathi movies are also releasing with ‘Mithun’. Let’s see how this movie can create space in the minds of the audiences with the other two movies.

Please do go and watch the film for the efforts taken in making the film.