Directorial Debut of Writer, Actor Hrishikesh Joshi ‘Home Sweet Home’


Produced by Frames Productions Co. Pvt. Ltd and Proactive & Swaroop Recreations and Media Pvt. Ltd. presentation ‘Home Sweet Home’ will be released soon. First look of the movie launched recently on social media. Normally, first look of any movie is launched with the faces of actors or songs of the movie. Doing a different experiment, first look of this movie is released with a sketch of a house and a beautiful heart touching poem on it.

First look of the movie shows a spacious building in a city and a old style house from a village. Along with this, renowned poet and lyricist, Vaibhav Joshi, describes the house with a beautiful poem in his own voice. He also has the simple words of poetry to describe the house, surrounding valleys and mountains, the house threshold, the courtyard, green landscapes, triangular roof, the thorny fence which touches our heart. This makes irresistible for the audience to listen the beautiful poem in the voice of Vaibhav Joshi again and again.

Hemant Ruparel and Ranjeet Thakur are the Producers of ‘Home Sweet Home’, while Akash Pendharkar, Vinod Satav, Sachin Narkar, Vikas Pawar are the Presenters. This film is directed by the well-known writer and actor Hrishikesh Joshi, and this is his first film as a Director. Many actors have shared the first look of ‘Home Sweet Home’ on their social media accounts. This has created the curiosity about the star cast and the content of the film among the audience.

Directorial Debut of Writer, Actor Hrishikesh Joshi 'Home Sweet Home'

Home and it’s homely environment are an integral part of our lives. Every person has a picture of a dream house in his mind. Some dream of a flat in a spacious building while some require a courtyard in front of a house. Everyone has a different definition of a house, although everyone wants a house and everyone’s home is a ‘Home Sweet Home’. This look is getting spontaneous responses on the social media. ‘Home Sweet Home’ will be released all over Maharashtra on 28th September in the theaters near by.