Pandu Havaldar Becomes ‘Shentimental’ on The Occasion of Birthday !

Pandu Havaldar Becomes 'Shentimental' on The Occasion of Birthday !

Superstar from Marathi cinema industry, Ashok Saraf, had his birthday on 4th June and on this occasion they announced about an Upcoming Movie,  ‘Shentimental’ with a unique poster, the movie has  been written- directed by Sameer Patil!

After successful movies like ‘Poster Boys’ and ‘Poster Girl’, ‘Shentimental’ is the third movie of Sameer Patil whose poster itself is very sentimental as it has a picture of Ashok Saraf in a police uniform! It’s very special for him because it was presented to him on his birthday!

In 1975 his career began with the movie ‘Pandu Havaldar’, in that movie his roll of a ‘Havaldar’ (Policeman) was a superhit, and now after 42 years again in ‘Shentimental’ he’s coming as not just a policeman, but now as an assistant police sub-inspector. There’s no match to Ashok Saraf’s acting skills and the timing and way to deliver dialogues! He has entertained his audience for the past 40-45 years with his impeccable sense of humour. And the release the poster of ‘Sentimental’ on his birthday wasn’t just a coincidence but we can say it’s the luck of nearly 3 generation of audiences!

Shentimental Marathi Movie Poster 2Many hearty wishes to the king of the anointed king of comedy, Ashok Saraf on his birthday! Till now he has kept his audience laughing and hereforth too he’ll continue doing so for sure! Same way as in this advertisement the movie ‘sentimental’ has been mentioned in a humorous way….it’ll be released on 28th July to make its audience go crazy with laughter, everyone is excited about this movie!