‘Khichik Jhale Pottyale’ Trending on YouTube!

‘Khichik Jhale Potyaaale’ trending on Youtube!

Kajalli Raat Khuli Behekala Jamana’ with such tremendous lyrics for the song ‘Khichik Jhale Pottyale’ from the forthcoming film ‘Khichik’ is trending on YouTube in a short time . The song picturized on Shrutika Londhe has had more than three lakh views in a single day and the song is getting a tremendous response. Produced by Kantanand Productions and Sachin Anil Dhakate along with Parag Jambhule, Amit Kumar Beed as co-producers and Preetam SK Patil as writer director and Yogesh Koli as DOP and Amit Malkani and Rohan Patil as editors, Nitin Borkar as art directors and Vijay Gavadane as background music directors for the film.

The film stars Siddharth Jadhav, Prathamesh Parab, Paula Mackglin, Sudesh Berry, Anil Dhakate, Rasika Chavan, Shilpa Thakare, Yash Khond,etc.Sachin Dubale Patil is the films executive director .This song is sung by Adarsh Shinde and Shruti Dhakate with lyrics by Datta Gunjal and composed by Abhishek- Datta .The films music is composed by Abhishek Kate. The song released on 19 August has had more than three lakh views in one single day.