Suyog Gorhe Has Became A ‘Satarcha Salman’ !

Suyog Gorhe Has Became A 'Sataracha Salman' !

All young and old ones are fascinated by the entertainment industry. The audiences think that the characters and the actors playing a part in the films, or television or theater are an integral part of their daily lives and their fans idolize them and are icons for them and they are attracted towards the stars and actors and we knowingly start giving a star turn towards the people who we meet in our daily normal lives like Ahmednagarcha Anil Kapoor, Shahpurcha Shahrukh, Nasikcha Nagarjun, Badlapurcha Bacchan, Malegaonchi Madhuri, and in the same way Suyog is Sataracha Salman.

Satarcha Salman is the story of a small village boy living only in his dreams and his desire and will power and even though this young boy hails from a small village with big dreams is coming to meet you with the film ‘Satarcha Salman’. Texas Studio Productions and director Hemant Dhome’s ‘Satarcha Salman’ will release soon and the director who has given us hits like ‘Ye Re Ye Re Paisa-2’, and ‘Baghtos Kaay Mujraa Kar’, Hemant Dhome will certainly give us an interesting and a hilarious film. He has also written the film.

Sataracha Salman Marathi Movie Poster

The film which seems unusual with an unusual title will no doubt be the most entertaining one for the audiences but the identity of the actor playing the title role of Sataracha Salman was  kept under wraps. Who will that be was  an interesting riddle for most fans and audiences and a lot of names were  being bandied about this identity of Sataracha Salman but now the cats out of the bag and the Satarcha Salman is none other than actor Suyog Gorhe and he has acted in films like Girlfriend, Shentimental, Krutant .He is playing the character of Amit Kalbhor and his village has given him the  different title of Satarcha Salman and to know why and how this title has been given to Suyog , we will have to wait for some time. The look of Suyog Gorhe and the films poster has been recently released on the social media by director Hemant Dhome.

The film is set to release on 11 October and this Hemant Dhome film will certainly entertain the audiences as have done his previous films.