The Heart-Warming Journey of A Father & Son, Ringan !


National award winning film, Ringan‘s poster was recently launched on social media platforms and it speaks in so many layers.

In this poster we can see a farmer and his son standing distraught near a wall, staring into the abyss. While right in the corner of the poster we can see an idol of Lord Vitthala standing with his hands emphatically on his waist.

The question that is troubling both father and son, appears as the tag-line in the poster – “Ringan, Sutata Tutena Mauli” – which means, “How will this vicious circle ever break, Oh Lord?”

This father-son duo feels trapped and turns to God seeking His help to break away from this almost impossible circle. What we can also see on the poster, is the answer to this daunting question, simply graphitized on the very wall the pair are standing next to – “Baher Janyacha Marg” – which means “The Way Out…”

Can this hopeless farmer make his way out of all his troubles along with his adorable son? How far does the 7-year old boy accompany his father on this difficult journey? And will God help them find their way out of this evil cycle? It’s going to be exciting to see all these questions and more answered in the film.

Ringan Marathi Movie Poster

Talking about the poster and the film, Kasliwal said, “The biggest plus point of Ringan is the identifiability of the underdog father & son, stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of misery & misfortune. And the physical & emotional journey they have to take together to emerge victorious! The honesty of the entire team shines through & the film fills you with hope. I strongly connected with it & instantly knew I had to be part of it!

According to writer-director, Makarand Mane, the film depicts that, many-a-time the path to happiness is pursuing us like our shadow, but we still keep ignoring it, trying to find it around, rather than within and hence we enter a never-ending cycle.

Presented by Landmarc Films and produced by My Role Motion Pictures, ‘Ringan’ will be released on June 30 all over Maharashtra.

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