Raghav and Saraswati’s First Meet on 4th June On Colors Marathi !


In Saraswati serial with the entry of Raghav a new chapter will commence!

A new chapter is going to begin in people’s favourite serial ‘Saraswati‘ on Colours Marathi. In the serial after a long time Saraswati’s boss, that is Raghav will be returning. Raghav and Saraswati recently took a trip to Dubai. Since it was their first trip after marriage, it was very special and memorable for both of them. Both of them had a good time in Dubai but unfortunately something else is written in their fate. In this journey itself Saraswati lost her boss and this was an unbelievable shock for her. But somewhere she has a believe that her master will return, and something like that is going to happen. Raghav will be back in Saraswati’s life. What new twist will take place after his return? Is there any change in Raghav? To know all these answers stay tuned to watch Saraswati and Raghav’s first meet on coming 4th June at 2pm and 9pm only on Colours Marathi. Same way don’t forget to catch Saraswati’s new journey with Raghav from 5th June onwards at 7pm only on Colours Marathi.

In the serial ‘Saraswati’ the couple Saraswati and Raghav are living a good happy married life. Saraswati has always fought bravely with difficulties in life. She has always backed up her people, and in Raghav’s heart too she always had a special place. She made her own place in the house she lived in too. Many good as well as unfortunate event have taken place in Saraswati’s life. Due to Raghav’s sudden death she was shattered but since she is responsible for Kanha now she needs some support. But even in all this situation she never let her self confidence low and she didn’t refrain from her responsibilities in the house. She stood firm against her cruel and greedy uncles too.

Raghav in Saraswati Serial

In all this chaos , the serial will get a new twist because of the entry of Raghav’s step brother, Ranjit. Fights and the bitterness of the relationship slowly turned to friendship and Ranjit fell in love with Saraswati , who still awaits for Raghav. But Saraswati is still going to wait for Raghav. Now because of Raghav’s return what will happen? Is the question.

What turn will Saraswati’s life take due to return of Raghav? Will her uncle’s cruel intentions stop? When Raghav gets to know about Ranjits truth what will be his reaction? How will Saraswati solve this puzzle? Your all these questions will be answered soon. Hence don’t forget to watch Saraswati from Monday to Saturday at 7pm only on Colors Marathi.