Gavthi – Apmaan Nahi Abhimaan Going to Hit Cinema Halls on 30th March 2018

Gavthi - Apmaan Nahi Abhimaan Going to Hit Cinema Halls on 30th March 2018

Gaavti, when you hear this word, two possible images comes to your mind. First, anything made for the waste, with traditional way, local, strong, beautiful and purely organic  and second, a person belonging to rural lifestyle, illiterate, has a simple living and a traditional thinker. Thus, this people experience an inferiority complex and are under the phobia. Modernized living, with westernized clothing and having command over English, people from cities always thinks themselves a superior to the people who talk in local language. Then think what will be the condition of a rural person when he enters in such cities? Such peoples are denoted as Gavthi, but this does not means he lacks intelligence, what he lacks is his confidence to express himself. Thus a film is produced under the banner of R. B. Production house; titled Gavthi, to eradicate all the misunderstandings and to boost the confidence of the people who are often called Gavthi in public, with a pure entertainment, set to visit audience on 30th March.

The story revolves around a youngster, having a technical degree in hand, comes to mayanagari Mumbai to try his luck, for a better life. But being a Gavthi (for the people in cities), he face many challenges and experiences the dark sides of the city. Due to which he ultimately goes into depression. While facing all the odds, how does he make his way out of this? How does he change the thinks around him and how a word Gavthi is no more an insult for him? This is the entertaining story of every people who is denoted as Gaavti, directed by Anand Kumar A k Andy. The story is presented in an entertaining way which is also a musical feast for audience. Ashwin Bhandare and Sheryas Angane, a fresh pair has tuned the music of the film. Audience will experience eye-catching beautiful locations of Kolhapur which is captured in camera by Ajit Reddy.

Aanand Kumar Anddy
The story is written by producer R. Sivakumar. Cinematography and choreography of the film is handled by Remo D’Souza. Both director Anandkumar and Remo D’Souza has being working together for last 15 years. Anandkumar has set his foot as director through this film. Andy was assistant director for the films ABCD, ABCD-2 and Flying Jatt and seeks Remo D’Souza as his mentor.

PSI Shrikant Patil and Yogita Chavan of Sangli are the leads of the film. Many had dreamed of wearing a Khaki Vardi in the film, but our lead has removed his Vardi for the film to enter in the field of acting. The starcast includes Kushal Bhadrike, Kishor Kadam, Nagesh Bhosale, Nandkumar More, Sandip Gaikwad and many more, who has lifted the film to a new heights.

The film will hit cinemas on 30th March.