Zee Marathi’s New Serial : Jaadu Bai Jorat

वजनदार पैजेमुळे लागणार आता खरा कस, जुई आणि मल्लिकाच्या हलक्याफुलक्या नोकझोकमध्ये कोण ठरणार सरस..? #JadubaiJoraat २४ जुलैपासून सोम ते शनि दु १ वा. #ZeeMarathi सोबत #ZeeMarathiHD वर. Nirrmite Saawaant Kishori Shahane Vij

Publiée par zee marathi sur Lundi 17 juillet 2017
  • Serial Name – Jaadu Bai Jorat ( जाडूबाई जोरात )
  • Starcast – Nirmiti Sawant (Jui),  Kishori Shahane (Mallika), Anand Kale, Vighansh Joshi, Shatita Kulkarni, Siddharth Khurid, Pradeep Joshi, Sanjeevani Samale, Jayant Savarkar
  • Studio – Trump Card Productions
  • Writer – Rajesh Deshpande.
  • Timing – On Zee Marathi From 24 July, Monday to Saturday at 01:00PM.

“Jaadu Baai Jorat” is the serial of a woman Named Jui. A woman belonging to the middle class has a hard time balancing her personal life and her professional life. The needs, dreams are limited and the nature is simple and straightforward. Such is the case of jui who takes care of everything and everyone but her own self. For example if there is any remaining chapati or rice from morning.. That she will take for herself. She believes in not wasting food no matter if it’s stale. Due to this habit, all these food have been eaten by her she has out on weight. It is taking care of the office work while handling the house and also helping everyone in the work. Though everything is her nature, nobody even thinks about her. On the other hand, everyone at home and office make fun of her over weight. On the other hand, Mallika, who lives next to Jui, is in a very opposite nature. Attention to yourself, fitness and ambitions deacribes Mallika.Jui is a middle-class person, and Mallika does not like it at all, and her overweight too bothers her alot. This Mallika once insults Jui because of her weight because of which she feels hurt, that’s when she is determined to set on a new path. This is the story of Jaduabai that is the series. The series, which has been written by noted writer Rajesh Deshpande, is set to entertain audiences for its unique humorous writing style.

in this series as Jui is played by Nirmiti Sawant and Kishori Shahane as Mallika are both popular actresses. Apart from Anand Kale, Vighansh Joshi, Shatita Kulkarni, Siddharth Khurid, Pradeep Joshi, Sanjeevani Samale, Jayant Savarkar will appear in the lead role. The series has been produced by trump card production.

Zee Marathi has created a place in people’s heart via its evening prime time serials now is introducing the same in the afternoon time. It is a time of afternoon for the housewives and rights of the them to receive the right entertainment during this time. The channel is expected to respond to this series the same way the evening series are responded.