Amruta and Akshay In ‘Ghadge and Sunn’ Serial Celebrates Gudhi Padwa !

Amruta and Akshay In Ghadge and Sunn Serial Celebrates Gudhi Padwa

Every festival is great celebration in serial “Ghadge & Sunn” hosted on Colors Marathi. Then let it be Diwali or Holi – Rangpanchami, all are celebrated in a traditional ways. Now preparations has begun for Gudhi Padva in Ghadge Sadan. Since this is Akshay and Amruta’s first Gudi Padva, the Ghadge family will be celebrating the festival with great enthusiasm. No doubts about it. Gudi is symbol of happiness and prosperity, thus all new beginnings are done on this auspicious day. Gudi is raised to protect your families from all the troubles and for well-being of our family. Akshay and Amruta are going to raise the Gudi this year on Ghadge Sadan, while Maai herself will make a delicacies like shrikhand, puran-poli etc. On the eve of Gudi Padva, our favorite Akshay and Amruta shared their memories about Gudi Padva.

In the “Ghadge and Soon” serial, on one hand, Maai – Akshay – Amruta are raising Gudi, in the name of their new beginning, while on the other hand, Amruta is in fear that, will Vasudha break her relationship with Akshay, as she has got their divorce documents. Gudi Padva is going to be celebrated in the Ghadge Sadan with joy and happiness. But will Vasudha show the divorce document of Akshay and Amrita to Maai?Or will Akshay and Amruta start their relationship with a new beginning? To know more, keeping watching Ghadge & Sunn’s Gudi Padva special episode on Colors Marathi.

Amruta Ghadge (Bhagyashree Limaye): Gudi Padava is always memorable for me…

The Hindu calendar new beginning means Chaitra shudh Pratipada … begins with Gudi Padva festival. It is one of the three and half of shubh muhurat considered in Hindu religion. That’s why my mother gave me a slate and a pencil as gift when I was young, and ask me to clean the slate and draw a Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) on it. I was asked to worship it and that’s how I started my education from there. Every year, we celebrate every day, with my siblings, we worship the stale and celebrate Gudi Padva.

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Gudi Padva always makes me remember to get associated with nature, to forget all the bitter things happen throughout the year and to begin New Year with new enthusiasm and new sweetness…

Akshay Ghadge (Chinmay Udgirkar): Gudi Padva means a new beginning!

Gudi Padava means, beginning of New Year…  I believe, we should preserve our culture and tradition by celebrating our festivals.
We should celebrate the festival because it is necessity in present times. Relationships have become overwhelming, while due to mobile, email, we hardly meet our relatives throughout the year. But, on the occasion of this festivals, everyone comes together and I feel that no one should miss a chance to come together. I think, festivals are very important to start new relationship…