Wagherya (2017) | Marathi Movie

Wagherya Marathi Movie Cover Poster

Wagherya (2017) | ( वाघेऱ्यI ) Marathi Movie

  • Star cast – Bharat Ganeshpure, Kishor Kadam, Suhas Palshikar, Kishor Chaughule.
  • Studio – Gaurma Media & Entertainment PVT Ltd and Vasudha Film Productions.
  • Producer – Rahul Shinde, Ketan Modiwale.
  • Director – Sameer Asha Patil.
  • Writer – Sameer Asha Patil.
  • Cinematography – Siddharth Jatia.
  • Editor – Ketan Modiwale.
  • Lyrics – Rama Nene and Sameer Asha Patil.
  • Executive Producer – Kapil Sharma.
  • Art Direction – Siddharth Tatoskar.
  • Music – Mayuresh Kelkar.
  • Sound Design – Avinash Sonawane and Abhishek Nair.
  • Visual Effects – Vikkrant Shinde.
  • Costumes – Sachin Lovalekar.
  • Make Up – Santosh Gilbile.
  • Genre – Comedy.
  • Release Date – 2017

Synopsis –

Wagherya is an Indian Marathi comedy film by Sameer Asha Patil and it is produced by Rahul Shinde and Ketan Madiwale. It is a satire based on real life incidence that happened in small village near Nasik, Maharashtra in 1996 summer. In the quest of tiger tale narrated by a man, famous for his lies, the whole village senses this as an opportunity to fulfill their personal conflicts. The film intertwines various stories inside the village of many distinctive characters and their lives. It also focuses on the constant manipulation by man with the nature. It is a humorous satirical ride of the society around us. The film is all about Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory. The only question is who wins the race?

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