Interview : Sayali Aka Sneha Shah From Shatada Prem Karave …

Interview : Sayali Aka Sneha Shah From Shatada Prem Karave ...


1. What are your feelings on making a debut as a lead in Star Pravah’s Shatada Prem Karave?

I am glad that Star Pravah and SOBO films choose me for the lead role of Sayali in Shatada Prem Karave coming on Star Pravah from 29th January, 8 pm onwards. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me as an actor to showcase my talent.

2.How was the experience shooting outdoor in Solapur?

Solapur shoot was fun. We were shooting during the annual Gadda Yatra which made it even more special. The visuals are really beautiful. The main characters hail from Solapur. Our show opens in Solapur. No doubt outdoor shoots are bit hectic but the essence of Solapur made us more energetic and fresh. I would urge everyone not to miss the first week of the show and even after that.

3. Which was the turning point in your career?

Undoubtedly, it is Shatada Prem Karave! When I bagged this show in the beginning, I couldn’t believe that I got this show. But as I started shooting and promoting the show, the idea starting sinking in. I have been getting huge response from my family, friends and fans.

4. Throw light on your talent and skills other than acting?

I have learnt Hindustani Classical Music in school days. Hence, apart from acting, I am into singing as well. I like to perform on stage specifically light vocals and dance numbers in Hindi and Marathi.

5. Tell us about your most memorable role. Also talk about your dream role.

I did one show on Channel V called as Sadda Haq Season 2 in which I played an astronaut and her learning process in the institute. The experience which I got in that show was outstanding as I had to do many training activities as an astronaut.
My dream role would be Priyanka Chopra’s character in Fashion movie.

6. Please share any funny anecdote from your life.

During my college days I used to do fashion shows. Once I entered the stage from a different entrance and other participants got confused. But we still managed to complete the show successfully. Later on everyone yelled at me and made me do 30 sit ups as a punishment!!

7. Tell us about your upcoming serial ‘Shatada Prem Karave’ on Star Pravah?

Shatada Prem Karave is all about love beyond all boundaries. It’s not only a love story but also about friendship and connection between two people of different age groups and different thought processes.

8. How did you get selected for Sayali’s role?

I always used to give a lot of auditions in Hindi as well as Marathi. This time also by audition process I got this opportunity. I had got a call from production house i.eSobo films and within a week I got a confirmation call that I bagged this show.

9. How is the experience working with senior artists like Bappa Joshi & Abhijeet Satam?

It’s always great experience to work with senior artists. And every time I learn little but useful tips from them which are very helpful in building my career. Similarly while working with Bappa Sir and Abhijeet, I am getting so many helpful tips from them.I will request all the newcomers to respect senior artists and try to grab a few tips which they teach. It really works!!

10. What are your forthcoming projects?

As I told before I am a singer. So I am planning to come up with a music video featuring myself as a singer as well as an actress. The song has been already recorded in a studio. So I am planning to shoot that music video as soon as possible.