Overexciting Teaser of ‘Iblis’ Marathi Movie Released On Social Media !


Directed by Rahul Manohar Chaudhary, teaser of his film ‘IBLIS’ is overexciting the film fans on the Social media.

His earlier film ‘Bandookya’ has had 6 nominations and won 4 State awards at the Maharashtra State Film Awards Ceremony. This happened to be venture film for Director Rahul Manohar Chaudhary. As the knowledgeable moviegoers need something new at all times, Rahul is excessively choosey while selecting the story for the film.

Recently the teaser for ‘IBLIS’ produced by Tesha Girl Child production and Abhi Films was launched through social media. The question asked by the film is that instead of Shiv-bhakti being at the heart it should be found from actions and do we really have this dedication?

When a teaser itself asks you a question a viewer can safely assume that they are in for an ultimately entertaining and thrilling experience. The starcast of the film has also been kept as a secret.

With an effective punch line as “Punch for a push” the film is going to be released very soon with a bang such as “here comes the attack.

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