Much Awaited Nashibvaan’s Trailer is Out!


Comedy King’s ‘Bhau Kadam’s new feature film ‘Nashibvaan’s poster was released with much fanfare and now there is a huge curiosity among Bhau’s countless fans and Marathi audiences about what the film is all about after the trailer launch held recently. Judging from the trailer it seems the audiences are going to see something dazzling in the film.

Family man Bhau Kadam is a cleaning worker in the sanitary department of the municipal corporation and his dreary normal life suddenly changes by something extra-ordinary that happens in his life and his luck and destiny changes for ever. Taking to live the desires of his life is seen in the trailer along with a number of important happenings in his life.  

Bhau Kadam is all set to make his countless fans laugh with his brand of dead pan comedy but there is also a scope for his serious acting here. The film has been shot in actual locales and that’s why the film seems real. And the other actors are portrayed in a very realistic way. They have not even used make-up. And the film has been shot in a very realistic and natural way without any exaggeration. Along with Bhau Kadam in this film Mitali Jagtap Varadkar and Neha Joshi in important roles. The film seems set to be a big film from the trailer launch without any doubt.

The Flying God Production and Giri Media Factory film will release on 11 January.  A presentation of Landmarc Films Vidhi Kasliwal, the film is directed by Amol Vasant Gole. The producers of the film are Amit Naresh Patil, Vinod Manohar Gaikwad, and Mahendra Gangadhar Patil. The co-producers are Prashant Vijay Mayekar and Abhishek Ashok Renuse .