Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3 Review : Gautam and Gauri Represents Today’s Generation Couple Problems

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Marathi Movie Review Rating Star Rating

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 Marathi Movie Review

  • Starcast – Swwapnil Joshi, Mukta Barve ,Savita Prabhune, Prashant Damale, Mangal Kenkare, Suhas Joshi, Vijay Kenkare
  • Studio – Mirah Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Everest Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
  • Director – Satish Rajwade
  • Producer – Sanjay Chhabria,
  • Genre – Romantic
  • Duration – 2 hrs 22 mins
  • Star Rating – 3.5 / 5

Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3 has two young present day yuppies in Gautam and Gauri as protagonists and that’s why they are appealing to the audiences.  What happens after marriage is the theme of Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3. Today’s youth is running after their career goals and that’s why they don’t want to have children after marriage. Even after three or four years of marriage they are still afraid to have kids.  But what happens to them after a while in marriage is still not known to them. And that’s what the problem has been handled deftly by director Satish Rajwade in this film.

Gauri (Mukta Barve) and Gautam ( Swapnil Joshi) are happily married for three years and have a successful career and a marriage and a home. Gautam’s mother (Mangala Kenkre) and father (Prashant Damle) live close by to them  and they too are happily married. They come to know that their Gauri has conceived but doesn’t want the child and is taking steps to abort the child. But with requests from their elders they say yes to the baby but what difficulties come in their life after this decision and how they accept parenthood and what goes on to rear a baby and their journey for this is portrayed in Mumbai Pune Mumbai-3. Though the story of the film is not new it has been presented in an interesting way. We get involved in Gautam and Gauri’s life from the first frame and many things happen swiftly till the interval. But after the interval the flow of the film seems slow and just when the film seems a bit boring ,an interesting climax rescue the film.

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Both Swappnil Joshi and Mukta Barve have acted superbly and their chemistry on screen works big time. Prashant Damle has performed impressively. Suhas Joshi, Rohini Hattangadi , Vijay Kenkre, Mangala Kenkre do justice to their roles. Songs like Sajni and Koni Yenaar are very catchy. And the cherry on the cake is Prashant Damle singing songs in his own voice. At the same time the unborn babies communicating with the outside world is an interesting premise. 

The merriment of Gautam’s father and mother after hearing the good news , the scene of how Gautam’s father explaining to him that how important is to be a father early,  all make very impressive viewing. The dialogues are clap-worthy. The tightrope that today’s youth balancing his career and his family walks on and their mindset is dwelt in a very impressive way in the film.The Mumbai Pune Mumbai journey can certainly be done!

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