Shimgaa Will Hit Cinema Halls Soon !

Shimgaa Marathi Movie Will Hit Cinema Halls Soon !

‘Shimgaa’ is the festival that denotes Konkan culture and is the epitome of social culture of the Konkan akin to the Holi Festival. Holi is the festival that implies the burning and destruction of whatever is bad, dirty and not pure . The festival denotes that whomsoever we have not good relations with or in the bad books of others or have enmity with should be rectified and all cordial relations should be strengthened with all our ill- wishers and all bad thoughts should be removed from our behavior. Such is the importance of this festival that every Maharashtrian and specially Konkan man ardently waits for .Generally we go to the temple to pay obeisance to the deity but in this festival the deity is brought out of the temple and is placed in an palanquin with a huge procession being held throughout the village or town and is taken to every household of the deity worshippers. And every village person who comes to Mumbai and Pune for work ardently waits to return to his Konkan village to take part in this festival. Then the devotees worship the goddess and take a blessing from her to fulfill their wishes. And overall the atmosphere  in Konkan  is of great festive nature and with a lot of cheer. Such one tale is told in the forthcoming Shree Kelmai Bhavani Productions film ‘Shimgaa’ .

The recently launched poster of the film on social sites is arousing a lot of curiosity in the audiences and this film will be released also in the month of ‘Shimgaa’ on 15 March to be released all over Maharashtra.  From  the Ratnagiri district and in Khed village the Ganeshwadi boy Nilesh KrushnajiRao Palande aka Nilesh Krushna written and directed film ‘Shimgaa’ stars Rajesh Shringarpure and Bhushan Pradhan in lead roles .From the poster it is evident that we will get to see a different festival of ‘Shimgaa’. The music is by Pankaj Padghan with lyrics by Guru Thakur and Valay. The DOP is veteran Aniket Khandagale.