ONE WAY TICKET in Theatres ON 23rd SEPT

ONE WAY TICKET in theatres ON 23rd SEPT

ONE WAY TICKET in Theatres ON 23rd SEPT

 Marathi movies have displayed their uniqueness in all aspects. Marathi films have also consistently progressed in increasing the curiosity of cine goers, the curiosity of seeing something new. With a heady mix of glamorous superstars from the Marathi film industry, amazing locations and a different story, ONE WAY TICKET, presented by ”Video Palace” and “Makebrand”,  is very much a topic of discussion now. This movie is being widely released on the 23rd  September. producer Komal Unawane, through the movie ONE WAY TICKET,has tried to present a powerful story.

ONE WAY TICKET, a suspense thriller, is a story about the journey of five individuals on a posh cruise. One will be seeing riveting picturization of unexpected events. The story revolves around a suspense. How the story unfolds is presented in a very captivating and entertaining way by  ONE WAY TICKET‘s directors Kamal Nathani and Amol Shetge. The uniqueness of the movie is that it is totally shot on exotic locations in Italy, France and Spain. This is the first Marathi movie to be shot on a cruise.

The music of the movie, along with the movie’s variety in layout and presentation, will definitely refresh the youth. The two songs “Befikar” and “Reshmi reshmi” have received a good number of hits. The lyrics, penned by Ashwini Shende and Mandar Cholkar, have been set to music by Gaurav Dagaonkar. The background score is by Troy  Aarif. There are totally   five songs in the film. Anandi Joshi, Savani Ravindra, Rohit Raut, Shrinidhi Ghatate, Gaurav Dagaonkar, Kshitij Wag, Arunima Bhattacharya and Shifa Haris have done the vocals.

The fine amalgamation of the actors,  Sachit Patil, Amruta Khanvilkar, Gashmir Mahajani, Shashank Ketkar, Neha Mahajan Asha Shelar and Roger D’Costa, and with a riveting story,ONE WAY TICKET is definitely going to be a very entertaining treat for the spectators.

The co-producers of this film are “Click Flick Films” and Suresh Pai. The story, script and dialogues are written by Amol Shetge, the assistant director is Mahesh Pawaskar. Director of Photography is Rupang Acharya, while the Art directior is Swapnil Takle. Editing is by Aashish Mhatre and Apurva. The Choreography is by Rajiv and Sujit Kumar.

ONE WAY TICKET is being released on the 23rd September.