Kay Zala Kalana Releasing on the 20th of July 2018 All Over Maharashtra

Kay Zal Kalana Releasing on the 20th of July !

Love… a beautiful feeling

Some understand it, some don’t.

Gently and effortlessly, giving a heavenly pleasure to someone, on the other hand only separation and agony for many. First love is altogether a different story. Kay Zal Kalana is the story of Sharad and Pallavi, love birds who realize the intrusive nature of love. The movie releases on the 20th of July. Shri Dhanalaxmi Productions presented, ‘Kay Zal Kalana’ is produced by Pankaj Gupta, the story and direction is by Suchita Shabbir.

Some are successful in love despite many hurdles, and some just do not get their love. With love as the central theme, the movie is the story of two lovebirds Sharad and Pallavi. Sacrificing, struggling and ready to do anything for their love, Sharad and Pallavi face many challenges and reach a turning point. Will this point bring them together or separate them? While showing this, an honest attempt is made to show in this movie, a new meaning to living. With this movie, a new pair Girija Prabhu and Swapnil Kale make their debut. Along with these two we have Arun Nalawade, Sanjay Khapre, Vandhana Vaknis, Kalpana Jagtap, Shraddha Surve, Hemali Karekar, Suyash Junjurke and Ravi Paltankar.

Kaay Zala KalanaTeam

Kay zal Kalana’ has a melodious lining of beautiful songs. ‘Kay Zala Kalana’, ‘Takmak takmak’, ‘Ruthla Kata’, ‘Futla Taho’, ‘Chandrakor’ are the five songs of different genres written by Madhuri Ashirghade, Valay and Shaunak Shirole. Music is by Pankaj Padgam. Adarsh Shinde, Sayali Pankaj, Rohit Raut, Rupali Moghe and Saurab Salunke have sung the songs. The cine-goers are going to enjoy a beautiful musical treat. Screenplay is by Kiran Kulkarni and Pallavi Karkera. Dialogues are by Rahul More and Suchita Shabbir. Choreography is by Sujit Kumar and Suchita Shabbir. Cinematography is by Suresh Deshmane and editing by Rajesh Rao. Shabbir Poonawala is the executive producer of the film.

‘Kay Zal Kalana’ is releasing on the 20th of July