First Look of Samit Kakkad’s  ‘36 GUNN’ Released !

First Look of Samit Kakkad’s  ‘36 GUNN’ Released !

There are directors who consistently give varied art works, one such director whose name is always mentioned is Samit Kakkad. Samit Kakkad had earlier directed the much acclaimed and award winning films like ‘Aayna ka Bayna’, ‘Half Ticket’ and ‘Ascharya Chak It’, each one of them of a different genre, each one with a very strong intent and equally strong technical brilliance, thus raising the bar repeatedly. Hence there has always been a lot of expectation from his movies. His new movie 36 Gunn is going to release next year in 2020. The First look of the Poster was recently released.

If the director has a clear perspective then the outcome of this equation will definitely be an intense work of art. This kind of equation between writer Hrishikesh Koli and director Samit Kakkad will be seen in the film 36 Gunn. There is no harm in assuming that there is going to be something crazy and original in 36 Gunn for cine-goers.

36 Gunn Marathi Movie Poster

If there are good actors to take the art of the writer and director to the audience, that would be a fantastic thing. Santosh Juvekar and Purva Pawar, two young actors are playing the central role in the movie 36 Gunn.

The movie comments on the mentality of relationships of today’s youth and their perspective on the marriage system. The movie has been shot at 90 locations in London and Mumbai. This might prove to be a ‘special treat’ for the viewers as they would be able to see many new places which they might not have seen earlier.

The movie is presented by ‘Samit Kakkad Films’ and ‘The Production Headquarters Ltd.’.

The movie is produced by Samit Kakkad, Mohan Nadar, Santosh Juvekar and Savitri Vinod Gaikwad. The cinematography is by Prasad Bhende.