Dwelling on Memories is ‘Khichik’!

Dwelling on Memories is Upcoming Marathi Movie ‘Khichik’!

Because of its odd title the film ‘Khichik’ is raising a lot of curiosity about the film and there is a lot of talk about the film.  The attractive poster of the film was launched on the social media recently to a tumultuous response. A young boy with a back to the camera and with number of photographs on a piece of paper on the poster is a new kind of a poster which has aroused the curiosity of the audiences. This poster is unusual from the other posters of the film we have seen.

Khichik Marathi Movie Poster

The film is produced by Kantanand Productions and Anil Dhakate and Parag Jambhule and Amitkumar Bidala are the co-producers of the film. Pritam SK Patil is the director and writer of the film. The film is about relationships and families can enjoy together watching this film. The film stars Siddharth Jadhav, Prathamesh Parab, Sudesh Berry, Anil Dhakate, Shilpa Thakare, actress Paula Mcgilen, Sheetal Dhakane, Rasika Chavan, Yash Khonde and others. Yogesh Koli is the DOP and lyrics are by Guru Thakur and Datta and the music is composed by Abhishek- Datta. Sachin Dubale Patil is the executive producer of the film. Nothing can be easily deciphered from the title of the film and hence there is a lot of curiosity about the film in the trade. The film releases on 20 September all over Maharashtra.