Dinesh Shirode’s Directorial Upcoming Movie ‘Tujha Majha Arrange Marriage’ !


When more or less all Marathi movies are based on love, weddings and love marriages, Dinesh Vijay Shirode is trying to divert audience attention to arrange marriage which will be a refreshing change through his new movie, ‘Tujha Majha Arrange Marriage’. This will also be his first directorial debut. Shashtiz film and entertainment’s Amit Lalit Tilvankar, Amol Kagane Film’s Laxman Kagane are the producers of this movie.

Amol Kagane films, Laxman Kagane has produced, ‘Halal’ which was presented in various film festivals. He has also produced movies like, ‘Leth Joshi’ & ‘Perfume’. He is well-known for bringing new and interesting subject through his movies and ‘Tuza Maaza Arrange Marriage’ is an unique effort in his series of production. It has certainly created excitement in audience.


Arrange marriage is portrayed as an entertaining and exciting way. Mayur Perdeshi is a writer and songwriter for this movie, Sunil Borkar is an Editor and Pratik- Prathamesh are song composers. Avadhoot Gupte has given is melodious voice for the songs. Nitesh Nandgaonkar is an art director for, ‘Tuza Maaza Arrange Marriage’.

Tujha Majha Arrange Marriage Marathi Movie Poster

Going beyond love and love marriage, arrange marriages have their own unique fun. Due to arrange marriage, two different families come together. Different personalities come together. It can create a quite bit of interesting events which is fun to watch. Wedding Ceremonial problems due to the differences in families are fun to watch. We are expected to see all this fun acted out in most entertaining way through this movie. Audience will definitely love this movie is what producer Amol Kagne says.