The Most Energetic ‘Maaza Agadbam’ Title Song launched !


As the release date is fast approaching, anticipation for sequel movie, ‘Maaza Agadbum’ is rising as well. This marathi movie featuring Trupti Bhoir performing as Najuka and her husband Rayba performed by actor Subodh Bhave.

Along with the strong and successful lead actors, was some energetic song to accompany? Recently on social media, title song of, ‘Maaza Agadbum’ was launched. It sure did its job of awaiting audience, a justice.

Aasman Ka Thar-Tharte’, is catchy and melodious. Music is composed by T. Satish and lyrics penned by Mangesh Kangane. Song is sung by Apeksha Dandekar in her husky voice sure makes it worth tapping the feet. This unique combination has made this song, a must here and sees song. This song is just right for the personality performed as Najuka by Trupti Bhoir.

Agadbam Trupti Bhoir

Trupti Bhoir is a writer, director, producer and a lead actor, in this movie. Since remarkable sucssess of, ‘Agadbam’ high expectations are from Maaza Agadbum. Pen India Ltd company’s Jayantilal Gada & Ms Trupti Bhoir films present this new sequel movie. T. Satish Chakravarti, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, Akshy Jayantilal Gada are collaborated producers in this movie. Coproducers are Reshma Kadakiya, Kushal Kantilal Gada & Niraj Gala.

Releasing in theaters everywhere on October 26, 2018.