‘Chand Priticha’ Marathi Movie Shooting Completed

Chand Priticha Marathi Movie Shooting Completed

‘Chand Priticha’ Marathi Movie Shooting Completed

Love is a integral part of human life. Knowing the importance of love, Prem Productions from Kolhapur has bring upcoming extravaganza based marathi movie ‘Chand Priticha’. Recently shooting of movie completed and after post production work movie will ready to release.

“Marathi movie is handling various subjects and Marathi audiences are appreciating that. No doubt this movie also make place in the mind of audiences”, expressed producer Chandrakant Jadhav. Shooting of the movie is done in the various scenic places in Sangali district like Nandre, Vasgade, Brhamnal, Bhilawadi, Haripur, and Badami from Karnataka. Newly introduced actors like Harsh Kulkarni, and famous starcasts like Subodh Bhave, Suvarna Kale, Sharad Ponkshe, Vikas Samudre, Suhasini Deshpande, Ganesh Yadav acting for the movie.

The movie is directed by veteran Director N. Relekar also story and songs by N. Relekar. Cinematography done by Jitendra Acharekar and Music by Pravin Kunvar. Southern Choreography is done by Sujitkumar and Dipali Vichare. Art direction done by Santosh Phutane. So everyone is eagerly waiting for the movie.

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