Sangram and Amruta ‘will have a hex of 36 or matching horoscope of 36 qualities’!

Sangram and Amruta ‘will have a hex of 36 or matching horoscope of 36 qualities’!

From the last few days promos of a new TV show on SONY MARATHI ‘Mee Tujhich Re’ are being popular on the social networks and the audience is who the couple featured in the show are who are antagonistic towards each other at first and later friends from the excellent promos of the show and the audiences are eager to see the show on air. New shows and excellent production values of these shows and their excellent presentation is the hallmark of shows on SONY Marathi  and they have a strong emotional bond with the viewers and now they are coming with the show ‘Mee Tujhich Re’ which features actors Sangram Salvi and Amruta Deshmukh.

Sangram Salvi plays Jaydatt Kale who has become an assistant tehsildar with his hard work and Amruta Plays Riya Varde who is an arrogant, carefree  and rebellious daughter of a very rich family  and in contrast to her nature, is Jaydaats very silent and soft spoken and understanding nature. He overcomes all challenges and problems with a very positive outlook and smiling face.  He is the mercurial MR.COOL. and that’s why when these two characters face each other sparks fly and the viewers will be eager to see this showdown. There are a lot of good and bad things in society which has some or the other effect and in this nature , is very dangerous things like money, power, and authority and dishonesty and to nullify such things there are many ways to fight off such traits and should be handled carefully and such is the story of this show which is appealing and one that can be understood by everybody. In the very first episode of the show the cat fights between Sangram and Amruta and their different chemistry in contrast to the title of the show and that has made the viewers very eager to see the show and who the rest of the characters are like. So definitely see ‘Mee Tujhich Re’ from 24June Monday- Saturday  at 7 pm.



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