Bollywood Also Fascinated By ‘Smile Please’ !

Mukta Barve, Lalit Prabhakar Starer Smile Please Marathi Movie Teaser

Recently Riteish Deshmukh released the first poster of Vikram Phadnis’s ‘Smile Please’ on his social media. And with all the buzz going around about the poster Bollywood’s magic man Karan Johar released the teaser of the film on social media which has created a lot of curiosity among fans and Bollywooditizens also. A professional photographer Mukta Barve suddenly faces circumstances which change her life drastically and at this point of time comes Lalit Prabhakar in her life as a life saver. “ Nothing is as big in the world to accept defeat in life’’ is the inspirational advice which he gives to her and gives her support in adverse circumstances.

Teaser – Smile Please 

On the other hand is Prasad Oak who is hot headed but sensitive. How to face life in difficult circumstances is the advice given by this film. The film releases on 19 July all over Maharashtra. The film stars Mukta Barve, Prasad Oak, Lalit Prabhakar, Aditi Govitrikar in prominent roles along with Trupti Khamkar, Satish Alekar, etc. The film produced by  Everest Entertainment and  co-producer Sunshine Entertainment under the aegis of Hashtag Film Studio and Krityavat Productions is sure to give audiences a new and inspiring perspective about life.