‘Samarpan’ – A New Story of Prem He on Zee Yuva!

'Samarpan' - A New Story of Prem He on Zee Yuva!

A new story of Prem He on Zee Yuva!

Love is like this, even after it’s over something is left behind and what’s left behind keeps blooming. In love we don’t want arguments we want conversations, we don’t want anger we want pleasure, we don’t want to sacrifice our lives but we want to add life to our significant others life. Love as a feeling is infinite. Falling deep in love, and sacrificing everything for love that feeling is different. Based on such thoughts is the new story ‘Samarpan’.. in the new episode of ‘Prem He’  see Divyesh and Reema’s story on Zee Yuva, on coming Monday 3rd April and Tuesday 4th April at 9pm.

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Aroha Welankar i.e. Divyesh from this story is from a very rich family and he was residing in America since many years. As he used to be an American citizen before and now an Indian his connection with India has been broken since a long time. Divyesh is a very innocent and educated adult who cares about everyone deeply. Whereas Ashwini Kasare i.e. Reema from this story comes from a middle class family and she knows her responsibilities , after her father’s death she took over the household, she’s a confident and self sufficied person.

Samarpan On zee Yuva Prem HeDivyesh’s father, Mr. Karkhanis has been played by Yatin Karekar. It is an old but new story. In which we see love, anger, hate, jealousy, revenge and the most important part that is surrender. The story starts from Reema’s house, Divyesh’s dad ie Karkhanis is a builder and he wants Reema’s house. He is ready to choose any path to move Reema and her mom from there. Divyesh too supports his father taking in consideration the business point of view. But he falls in love with innocent Reema. Reema also starts liking Divyesh. But… But what comes after this word is what will move everyone’s heart. This story is very short, and without knowing it ends and what’s left behind is the sweet trail of memories.