Amar Photo Studio’s Successful Blossom In Zee Natya Gaurav Awards.

Best Comedy Play_Amar Photo Studio

In Marathi play ‘He Ram’ bagged the prize.
Senior actor Vikram Gokhale was awarded Jeevan gaurav award.

On Marathi stage the award function that treasures artists talents is Zee Natya Gaurav awards. This year too this award function took place with grandeur. Business and experimental play in these two there was tough competition. In this along with best comedy play  ‘Amar Photo Studio’ play won 8 awards. Whereas respected award for best play was awarded to ‘Magan Talyakathi’. This year’s best attraction award was bagged by ‘Codemantra’. In experimental play category along with best play ‘He Ram’ bagged 8 more awards. Along with his impeccable acting performing a number of plays, talented Vikram Gokhale was honoured with the Zee Natya Jeevan Gaurav Award. Along with selected plays and graceful dance performances and comedy one act plays this natya gaurav function will be featured on 9th April on Zee Marathi at 7pm.

Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar_Vikram Gokhle and Arun Kakade
Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar – Vikram Gokhle and Arun Kakade

On Marathi stage many shows are being performed. Senior experienced actors and writers and director are in one team with new generation putting forth new views. All their work and effort is respected in Zee Natya Gaurav award function 2017. In Mumbai’s Bhaidas hall this award function took place. This year ‘Teen Payanchi Sharyat‘, ‘Codemantra’, ‘Ek Shunya Teen’, ‘Magan Talyakathi’, ‘Amar Photo Studio’ plays have bagged many awards and brought the show to life.

Best Actress for Comic Role - Sakhi Gokhle
Best Actress for Comic Role – Sakhi Gokhle

The best actor award was bagged by Sanjay Narvekar, Best Actress award was bagged by Sharvari Lohkare, Best Director Award was bagged by Vijay Kenkare, with all this the play ‘Teen Payanchi Sharyat‘ left a mark on the event. In experimental play category best actor award was bagged by Nishant Kadam, Best Actress award was bagged by Tejasvi Parab, director Ram Daund and best play award was bagged by ‘He Ram’.

Best Actor Comic Role - Suvrat Joshi
Best Actor Comic Role – Suvrat Joshi

The highlight of the function remained the Jeevan Gaurav award. ‘Barister’, ‘Vahto Hi Durvanchi Judi’, ‘Mahasagar’, ‘Jaswanda’, ‘Kamla’ and ‘Makaranda Rajadhyaksha’ such one after the other famous plays were put forth with the uncanny acting of senior actor Vikram Gokhale was awarded by senior artist Arun Kakde the Natya Jeevan Gaurav award.

While mentioning his views about this Vikram Gokhale said that, ‘ Even if I have made a decision to not act in plays I haven’t been away from acting. Via TV and serials I’ll always be coming to meet you. To keep the actor in me alive I have to keep working and I’ll do that till my last breath. Today I impart knowledge in students from various known colleges and universities which are associated with theatre. May it be the students or the youth sitting in front of me, I have high expectations from this new generation. Today by awarding this to me you have given me a lot of respect and I am grateful for it. Thank you Zee Marathi.”

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In this beautiful function singer Priyanka Barve and classical singer Rahul Deshpande sung few verses from ‘Sangeet Manapman’. Whereas Talirama from Pushkar Shrotri’s ‘Ekach Pyala’ was welcomed, Sambaji Raje from Dr. Amol Kolhe’s ‘Raigadala Jevha Jag yete’ were welcomed and appreciated by the audience. Bharat Jadhav and associate’s performance on a piece from play ‘Sahi Re Sahi’ had everyone rolling in laughter. Vandan Gupte and Pushkaraj Chirputkar’s spicy hosting and many beautiful artists bejwelled the function. You can catch it on 9th April at 7pm on Zee Marathi.