New Show ‘Tuzhya Ishqacha Naad Khula’ Starts On Star Pravah From 21 December !


The show on STAR PRAVAH ‘TUZHYA ISHQACHA NAADKHULA’ starts from 21 st December  which portrays a very different love story which will enthrall the  viewers. Every girl desires a simple friendly and a husband who is good to everyone and showers her with love  and Swati is no exception to this who desires a simple caring husband who works in a 9 to 5 job and she is very firm about this but on the contrary Raghu who loves Swati is a complete contrast to this who is a tough guy and says his words just once to another to understand and if they don’t Raghu hits them.

He is a fun loving person and would this pair fall in love who are in complete contrast to each other is the gist of the show ‘Tuzhya Ishqacha Naadkhula’ on STAR PRAVAH

Satish Rajwade, the Content Head at STAR PRAVAH says, “ The show is about a tough lover boy and his love and is a sensitive tale which is the one line synopsis about the show. The daring and fun loving lover boy , the protagonist of the show highlights a scenario after a long time on the small screen will soon adorn your drawing rooms. At Star Pravah we always try to give something different to the viewers and this love story is a different one with a fresh treatment.  The teleplay is full of twists and turns and the viewers will be happy to see such a different show which will have them asking for more.

The show has a new pair in Sanchit Choudhary and Akshaya Hindalkar who will be an attraction for the viewers. The show on  STAR PRAVAH is produced by Mahesh Tagde of TELL A TALE PRODUCTIONS. So don’t forget to see this show on STAR PRAVAH from 21 December at 10.30 pm