Actress Tejaswini Pandit Celebrates Birthday With Fans !

actress Tejaswini Pandit Celebrates Birthday With Fans !

Today is 23rd May, which is a great time for the fans of Tejaswini Pandit because today is her birthday. For the birthday of Tejaswini, her fans from Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Nashik decided to come together and celebrate her birthday. So on Tuesday night they all gather and celebrated her birthday.

After birthday celebration Tejaswini said, “This is a much special birthday from my life because I was celebrated my birthday mostly with my family and friends but this time I am celebrating my birthday with my fans for first time. They have also gifted me a awesome collage frame. We are working on the strengths of our fans love.” (Also Read – Know More About Tejaswini Pandit)

So watch out some photos of same .