Glimpse of a strong dose to wide open your eyes in ‘Ashtavakra’ Trailer


A spontaneously engaging trailer of Film ‘Ashtavakra’ providing glimpse of a strong dose to wide open your eyes and answer questions such as what does Ashtavakra means and how does it exactly relate to the present circumstances has been recently launched on the social sites. Produced by Varunraj Productions, the film ‘Ashtavakra’ is releasing in theaters across Maharashtra on the 8th June 2018. The film emphatically depicts roots of pangs for a society that finds itself detached from the main stream. Family and the society play an important role in casting a human being. However even today we find people who are perverts and those who have lost their mental balance living in this world. On the whole we stamp them as guilty or criminals and walk away from them.

Film ‘Ashtavakra’ investigates matters such as whether these persons are born as guilty, who induces them to criminal world, when and where are these rituals inculcated in them and others.

This is the first time when the life of a woman jail inmate has been projected on the big screen. Essentially this film highlights an important question from a different world altogether which has not been handled so far. ‘Ashtavakra’ trailer underlines such lives.

The entire responsibility for ‘Ashtavakra’ right from story, script, screen play, dialogues and direction has been ably shouldered by Mr. Pradeep Salunke. He has strived almost 3 years in building up this bold topic in celluloid medium. Filming of this sensitive topic has been handled keeping legal framework in mind as well as its precise portrayal.

 This is the story of a woman who is arrested while she is pregnant and delivers a child while in jail. This touching film has been produced by Mr. Varunraj Salunke. Both story and commanding performances by actors the film ‘Ashtavakra’ soars quite high. Along with Vidyadhar Joshi and Mayuri Mandlik the film presents new artists such as Mangesh Giri, Veena Arun, Harshada Bamne and Preeti Torne-Koli. While Cinematography has been handled by Vimal Mishra, Subodh Narkar has done the Editing of the film. Lyrics by Mayuri Mandlik have been set to tune by Music Director Chandrodaya Ghosh. Singers Sakar Apte and Rupali Moghe are worthy of acclaim.

The curiosity about ‘Ashtavakra’ is increasing every day due to the topic that is almost virgin as depicted by the trailer launch. The film is sure to provide a truly different experience for the audiences with its release on the 8th June 2018.