Relay Singing World Record’s Preparation in A Full Swing !

Relay Singing Competition's Preparation in A Full Swing !

Based on the life story of Padmashree Dr. Tatya Lahane , a new movie is being made named ‘Dr. Tatya Lahane… Angar Power is Within! Due to the relay singing sequence in this movie there is an excitement about this movie. Chak de production cinema’s Virag Madhumalati Wankhede has directed and produced this movie. For his famous relay singing auditions were held all over Maharashtra.

Relay SingingMumbai/Thane (125), Pune (18), Nashik (12), Sangli (7), Dhule (20), Jalgaon (30), Jalna (6), Akola (11), Amrawati (17), Nagpur (11), Vashim (15), Latur (16), Parali (2), Kolhapur (8) such nearly 300 singers came together under one roof at Yerala Medical college for practicing relay singing. To pay respect to Dr. Lahane’s works from seven years old Kaveri Survadkar (Jalgaon) to seventy years old Nivrutti Wankhede (Nashik) such an army of 300 singers has been formed.

In Mumbai’s Shanmukhanand hall on 16th August this relay singing record will be recorded live. To make a note of it, officials from Guinness book of world record will be coming. We’ll destroy the darkness… We’ll light up lives!… This song which has been written by Virag has 108 words and total 300 singers will be singing it and continuous 3 times tone, rhythm and note’s will be co-ordinated and one singer one word will be the format of this song and it’ll be performed and because of that how will this experiment actually turn out is a topic of exhilaration for all.
Movie which will be made through tough efforts of Virag will be coming in theatres from 8th September.