Love is in The Air For Gashmir and Spruha !

Love is in The Air For Gashmir and Spruha !

Love is in The Air For Gashmir and Spruha !

Love is love and it’s the same for everyone (प्रेम म्हणजे प्रेम म्हणजे प्रेम असतं, तुमचं आणि आमचं अगदी सेम असतं) … This same kind of love was spread all over on the day of love which is on Valentine’s Day. The world was filled with red air and all corners spread the joy of being in love. On this day of love some love warriors were successful in winning their girlfriends heart while some weren’t… And the ones successful turned into couples. Along with these successful couples, one such new and unique couple is ready to win the hearts of the Marathi audience on this occasion of Valentine ’s Day.

And this unique couple is our very own…. Gashmir and Spruha…!

Indeed, this odd combination, Gashmir Mahajani and Spruha Joshi is ready to meet the audience through their upcoming Marathi movie produced under Filmy Keeda productions.

The name of the movie is still kept unrevealed. Recently the muhurat of the movie was commenced by the Producer P. S. Chhatwal. Also present were the co-producer of the movie Ravi Singh, Director Sameer Vidwans and other Artists of the film.

Gashmir Mahajani and Spruha Joshi New MovieSpeaking about this unique couple, Director Sameer Vidwans said “I found Spruha and Gashmir’s duo very apt for the topic. Spruha is a very nice friend of mine but we have never worked together, not even with Gashmir. Similarly, they both haven’t worked together. Till Double seat, even Mukta and Ankush hadn’t worked together. In the same way, this jodi’s chemistry will grow over the time and that is the need of the topic of the movie. I know I would have lots of fun working with them.”

  1. S. Chhatwal & Reecha Sinha are the producers of the film & Ravi Singh is the Co-producer. Saurabh, Rishikesh & Jasraj Joshi will compose music of this family drama & Prasad Bhende is the DOP for this film.

What exactly will this Jodi bring forward for us will be known soon….