In CID Style Took Place ‘Andya cha Funda’ Cinema’s Trailer Launch Ceremony


With rocking friendship as a basic funda ‘Andya cha Funda‘ is an upcoming movie which will be released on 30th June. This movie is based on childhood friendship and it has been produced by Adhyas Creation’s Vijay Shetty and co-produced by Prashant Pujari and Indra Vishwanath Shetty. This story has been put forth by Santosh Shetty, the story writer of serial’s like Aahat and CID. Atharva Bedekar, Shubham Parab and Mrunal Jadhav these talented child artists are starring in this movie whose trailer was recently launched. While the launching ceremony of the cinema along with all the artists CID fame stars like Shivaji Satam, Dayanand Shetty and Narendra Gupte this trio too was present. To motivate and promote ‘Andya cha Funda’ movie actor Sanjay Kulkarni same way the team of CID were present and their presence got life to the ceremony.

The trailer of this movie showed two best friends and their history definitely will make us think of our childhood buddy. Along with Friendship many other things can be seen too in this movie. Actress Deepa Chaudhary who has stayed away from cinema industry for a while now too appeared in the trailer of the movie.      Special thing is that along with her playing the lead role in the movie she is making a comeback in the cinema industry with ‘Andya cha Funda’. While watching the trailer of the movie we get to know that it is backed up with a mystery. But what is this mystery?? This question has raised curiosity in the audience and has got the trailer to success.

Along with cinema’s trailer the song ‘Dubuk dubuk’ made on Atharva and Shubham too was presented in front of the guests. We can see a unique bond shared between andya and fandya in their friendship through this song. This song shows childhood’s innocent friendship and the selfless love shared in friendship. The song has been sung by Harshvardhan Vavare and it has been written by Kshitij Patwardhan and the song direction has been done by Amitraj.

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The story writing of ‘Andya cha Funda’ has been done by director Santosh Shetty himself, whereas the screenplay and dialogue writing has been done by Ambar Hadap, Ganesh Pandit and Shreepad Joshi. Soon releasing movie will be staring Atharva Bedekar, Shubham Parab and Mrunal Jadhav as child artists along with Deepa Chaudhary, Sushant Shelar and Arun Nalawade in lead roles.