Subodh Bhave Scared to Get Married in ‘Shubha Lagna Sawadhan’ !


It is said that marriage is a holy union of two souls that binds together two people for the entire life. While many people wait their whole life to be together forever with the person they love, the story may be different for some others. For some people, the boundaries of marriage are scary as hell. Such people run away from the the word ‘Savadhan’ in mangalashtak.

Shubha Lagna Saavadhan‘, is produced by Pallavi Vinay Joshi and directed by Sameer Ramesh Surve. The movie depicts the story of a young man who gets frightened with the prospect of marriage. Recently, teaser of ‘Shubha Lagna Saavadhan’ was launched through social networking site. Teaser shows Subodh Bhave in a lead role who gets confused and chaotic after listening to an excerpt for a poem of Shree Ram Aagashe (Kalpanakant) which goes like – Mi Baikola Gharbarto‘ that means ‘I am scared of my wife’.

Shubh Lagn Saavdhan Movie

Various actors like Shruti Marathe, Dr. Girish Oak, Nirmiti Sawant, Vidyadhar Joshi, Kishori Ambiye are the part of ‘Shubha Mangal Saavadhan’. Though the story of the film is based on the marriage system, we would be able to see our hero caught in various enjoyable situations and funny moments. The idea of ‘Shubha Mangal Sawadhan’ comes from Abhay Shevde, who is executive producer of the film. Many of the scenes have been shot in Dubai and Igatpuri which has lent glamorous as well as romantic feel for the movie.  (Also Read About – Subodh and Shruti’s ‘Shubh Lagna Saavadhaan’ !)

Arundhati Date, Shrinivas Jambhekar, Vidya Sandeep Tungare and Tushar Karnik are the co-producers for the film. Along with senior most actor Kishor Pradhan, we would be seeing Pratik Deshmukh and Revati Limaye, a fresh star cast for ‘ Shubha Mangal Saavadhan ‘.

Don’t miss the movie to watch why our hero is so shit scared of getting married.Film releasing 12th October in the theaters near you.